Audio, Image and video keywording. By people and machines.


Tagging.tech includes informative interviews with global keywording services companies, crowdsourcing companies, and image/video recognition technology companies.

We have interviews with professionals working on:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV), specifically image recognition and video recognition (computer-generated)
  • Keywording services (human-generated)
  • Crowdsourcing (human-generated)

As people continue to provide these keywording and crowdsourcing services, artificial intelligence (AI) is maturing exponentially. When will these intersect? When will machines augment the people with this task?

Tagging.tech was started due to some similar questions by clients about these topics. While any analysis is kept confidential and available upon client request, these interviews have been made public to help answer questions around these topics.

All interviews are conducted by Henrik de Gyor, Chief Consultant at Another DAM Consultancy.

If you have questions about this, we can get you the answers.

Another DAM Consultancy is a vendor neutral consultancy who advises, assists and advocates for clients. Because we are vendor neutral, we have no partnerships nor preferences over any companies, even based on these interviews.

Tagging.tech features audio interviews with professionals on the front lines of this work from around the world.

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